domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

These last few months....

... Were to start?! Well, I won't be writtting you about everything that happened during this time ( You'll get either crazy or extremelly bored LOL) so, I'll cut some parts and say that I've been busy pretty much with university, family and moving :p (you know how these 3 things combined with some bad luck can get your life into a real mess LOOL).
So these are just a couple of words to say what's being happening, that I am back, to thank you all so much for the lovely comments and for keeping looking at the blog despite my absence!

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Daisy disse...

wWlcome back Joana!

Daisy disse...


Stephanie Kilgast disse...


I got the time to make a blog and to fill it during your absence :) oh and to open a deviantart as well and to sell way too much lol!

glad you're back ;)

Joana disse...

Daisy, You're always a sweetheart!! Obrigada!

Yeahhh Stephie, you're always on the move girl!!:D
You're The MiniFood-Machine! hehe Missed you!


Sumaiya Mehreen disse...

we missed you!!! welcome back :)

Ana Anselmo disse...

olha que boa noticia!!!! voltaste!!!!! Espero que agora estejas com mais tempo para "tudo".

Sofia disse...

Ainda bem que voltaste!



Tiny Delights disse...

Fazias falta por aqui. Fico muito contente por teres voltado :)
Espero voltar a ver os teus belos trabalhos em breve.



Joana disse...

Oh Sumaiya, you're so sweet, Thank you, I'm really glad to be back too!! :D

Sofia e Anas, obrigada! :* Espero não voltar a ter de ficar assim tanto tempo afastada... uff estes meses foram terríveis, mas agora compenso ;)