sábado, 18 de julho de 2009

Raspberry Passion

I was inspired by Betsy Niederer's PERFECT strawberry cakes to do this one. But since I suck with strawberries I tried making it with raspberries ( not that I'm much better with them LOOL). I'm going to bomb you all with images of this cake, but I found it hard to pick just one... Thank you so much Betsy for inspiring me everyday.


Rose & White

I was in a mood for cakes a couple of weeks ago ( still have hand full of them to finish in my table LOL)... But when I took them off the oven I was so disapointed with the final result of the clay mixture... I needed some more translucent, that is for sure.
We all made mistakes...

Macaron Headache

I freaked out making macarons... It's so hard to get a nice shape and texture on the shells. I'm really NOT happy with them... I tried molds, I tried doing them one by one... nothing works. So it's official: I suck at macarons and strawberries LOL

Less Is More

For once I just wanted to try a simple cake, like those that I make every weekend... And I think this one is going straight to my dollhouse kitchen hehe


Another couple of things for my dollhouse. I have to say an enourmous THANK YOUUU! to Christel Jensen and her amazing tutorial on youtube on how to make the beautiful tea pot with the porcelaine handle.

Here's some detail on the coffee cookies:

making the coffee beans just killed my eyes LOOL I though I was going blind!


Back in... White?!

Hi all! I've been busy lately and also having some technical difficulties, my mac is giving me some headaches!
I recenty received my dollhouse and found everything... horrible. I got nuts with it all, from the furniture to the wallpapers, the accessories, so I'm remodeling it! Although this is not food I thought I should share what i've been doing with all of you so I could have some opinions that are not from my mom, boyfriend and friends who all say "ooohhh it's beautifull", naturally because they like me LOOOL.
Huge Hug!