sábado, 18 de julho de 2009

Back in... White?!

Hi all! I've been busy lately and also having some technical difficulties, my mac is giving me some headaches!
I recenty received my dollhouse and found everything... horrible. I got nuts with it all, from the furniture to the wallpapers, the accessories, so I'm remodeling it! Although this is not food I thought I should share what i've been doing with all of you so I could have some opinions that are not from my mom, boyfriend and friends who all say "ooohhh it's beautifull", naturally because they like me LOOOL.
Huge Hug!

2 comentários:

Stephanie Kilgast disse...

Ooooooh you have a dollhouse!
pics! we want pics!! (at least I want some :D)

You bought it or did you make it by yourself?

I'm still planning mine, but I want to buy it myself, I can't find the right one in the big world.

But I'm changing my mind almost everyday from modern to shabby chic, to a old rustic one, Scandinavian wood house or brick house! I just can't choose :D

Joana disse...

Oh you don't want pics of it now, believe me, its desatrous!! LOOL

I bought it as a weekly deliver collection.

LOOOL, don't worry, you're not the only one changing your mind about it constantly... Almost everyday I look at the house and picture it differently :p