segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2009

Into miniature flowers?! me??!!

I spent my morning on this peony today. And all I have to say is that I really admire those who work on miniature flowers...

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Linda Carswell disse...

That is the most beautiful flower I think I have EVER seen in mminiature....BEAUTIFUL!!!
I hope you will show us more when you make them....I love it!!
Linda x

kimsminiatures disse...

It is a very very beautiful flower. I would love to see more as well. You are so talented Joana. I know flowers can be a challenge. Yours look amazing! Hugs~ Kim

Christel disse...

Joana you are one of those very talented people!! Great work:)

Papillon Bleu disse...

Beautiful flower! Peonies are my favourite flowers!
Congratulations for your talent and your patience.

Joana disse...

ooooohhhh I'm so thrilled with your comments, thank you so much for the sweet words!!

Consider yourselves HUGGED!! :D

Linda, I haven't forgotten you, but with all the vacation mess I didn't found much time to come here. I would love to tell you a place to buy the chair that's on the photos of the raspberry cake, but it came with my dollhouse, it's one of those collections you buy weekly.
I'm so sorry not beeing abble to help. :( if I ever see one in the internet be sure I'll write right back to you!


Blue star disse...

Estou completamente apaixonada pelas tuas miniaturas. =)
Continua a mostrar as tuas criações.

Miniature Patisserie Chef disse...

Love the peony!!

Pei Li

Linda Carswell disse...

Thank you Joana for your reply, I thought you were probably on is such a sweet little chair, so fine and detailed, I just fell in love with it!
...still so love that flower you have made...very clever! You seem to have such a 'delicate touch'..

Regards, Linda x

Sofia disse...

Está linda!


Maria Jose disse...

En mi blog eu tenho un premio pra voce!

PolymerClayTutor disse...

What a stunning peony! I see why it took you the whole day. It is so detailed and dainty! Just beautiful!